Psalm 150 is an ecstatic celebration of life. Here, the psalmist invites "everything that breathes" to join the song with any instrument or voice they got!

Hallelujah! (Psalm 150)

A whole-self, whole-world celebration of life.











Verse 1

Come praise our God with flute and harp Hallelujah! 
Piano, drums and loud guitars Hallelujah! 


Hallelujah Hallelujah! 
Hallelujah Hallelujah! 
Hallelujah Hallelujah! 

Verse 2

Come praise our God with voice and dance Hallelujah! 
for all God's great and mighty acts Hallelujah! 


Verse 3

We praise our God with all we are Hallelujah! 
with body, mind and will and heart Hallelujah! 


Verse 4

Let everything with breath proclaim Hallelujah! 
the One who draws our highest praise Hallelujah! 


Words and music by Richard Bruxvoort Colligan

©2018 (ASCAP) All rights reserved. Please use with permission.

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Hallelujah! Charts:

  • piano score

  • ​lead sheet

  • guitar/bass chart

  • jpgs of congregational line 

  • songleader's notes




Hallelujah! Accompaniment Pack:

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  • original mp3 recording

  • powerpoint lyric slides

  • Two mp3 instrumental tracks


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