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Psalm 32 celebrates forgiveness, noting the value of honest confession.

Unfailing Love (Psalm 32)






Verse 1 
Tried so hard to cover it up, 
Avoiding the truth, pretending to be strong 
Turns out God can cover it all 
There’s no need to hide when everything’s

   gone wrong 
     Come and begin again 
     Come and begin again


Unfailing Love forgives it all 
Unfailing Love, a brand new start 
No matter what, we trust in God’s 
Unfailing Love


Verse 2 
Anytime we’re falling apart, 
Forgetting the One that loves us forever 
We are still the people of God 
Confessing our need, forgiven together 
     Come and begin again 
     Come and begin again


Verse 3 
On day Jesus happened along 
when trouble was deep and I could hide

Fear was choking me 
Then I heard the words of his love: 
Come and start over 
     Come and begin again 
     Come and begin again




©2007 Augsburg Fortress Publishing







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