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Search Me: A prayer for the more difficult parts of Psalm 139

Search me and know my heart  Search me 
Search me and know my heart  Search me 

Verse 1: 
Where can I hide from your knowing?

The dark to you is daylight. 
If be in me seeds of suffering,

break them open into life. 

Verse 2: 
Where could I fly from your presence?

You knit my life together. 
Anger can pull me past justice;

lay your hand on me forever. 

Verse 3: 
More than the sand on the seashore,

your precious thoughts amaze me 
Power and hatred rise in me;

lead me in the timeless way.

Search Me chart bundle includes:

  • piano score

  • ​lead sheet

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  • jpg of congregational line

  • songleader's notes

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