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A Curse Assuring Non-Violence (Psalm 109)

Well, you stood up before the judge and you lied to hurt me

    After all these years, I can't believe you'd burn me

You repaid my honest love with a pure betrayal

    Where was your freaking head? Guess your conscience failed

May you be hounded ev'ry day by a cruel accuser

    May your friends be few and may your days be fewer

Lose your house and lose your job, up to here in debt

    Strangers come and threaten you and steal what's left

    May no one show you mercy

        as your life is in a full-tilt spin

    You're fond of a good curse,

        so have a taste of your own medicine

Maybe I'll never understand why you said all that hate

    I've been so enraged, I can't see straight

I can scarcely now believe what you did was real

    I just want your life to hurt and then disappear

    May no one give you comfort

        as you're crying in the dark alone

    You never blessed, so may you never

        get a blessing for your own

So there I said it oh my God— That’s my heartbreak talking

    All my ugly thoughts I'd never ever act on

There's a lot of letting go til this poison's gone

    God, my one and only prayer: help me move on




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A Curse Assuring Non-Violence Charts:

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Sing it with your circle

Note: Psalm 109 is one of the most hate-filled rants in the Bible. As such, it's probably not appropriate for worship.

It might be useful in other ways, however.


As always, the psalms remind us what it is to be human, affirming our full-range humanity and holiness.


We might hear Psalm 109 as the psalmist working out his or her outrage, faith-fully venting as they surrender to God their power to act out in violence.

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