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All About Permissions and Copyright

(You brave person, you)

Thing one: These songs are for singing!
That's why we make them, and there's no greater delight for composers to know their songs are being sung. 


Here's the Deal

To use this music with your congregation, you need a license. Even if you've purchased an album or songbook, that doesn't cover usage of the songs. Why? Because although music in the world is free (hear those birds?), songs are property.


The nerdy details, if you care

Copyright is, as the name suggests, the right to copy music. Only the publisher has that right. To legally make copies yourself, you need to purchase a license. A license is simply permission from the publisher to copy the sheet music to the songs (which, remember, are the property of the publisher) for your bulletins, event handouts, slides, what have you.


You're wondering

if anyone really cares if you pay the fee. I mean it's not that much money and you're just a local church doing ministry on a shoestring, right? Truth is (lean in closer and I'll whisper it to you) nobody will know if you ignore this. I mean, really: who's gonna know?



However-- and let me set aside the author's we for a moment and speak as Richard-- you need to know that freelance music is how I make my living, and my job doesn't come with an IRA or Dental. Not to bore you with the details, but I depend on music sales and licensing fees to support my family.


When you pay the minimal legal licensing fee, you're saying a big YES to the ongoing creation of music resources for the llfe of the wider church.


It's Easy
If your congregation has a license with or CCLIyou are already covered because songs are represented in their respective catalogs. Simply do your diligent reporting as usual. 


If not, complete the easy Licensing Agreement below and you'll be all set. It'll only take about two minutes-- three if you're tired today and moving slowly.

Thank you
for attending to this important (but sorta boring) piece of business. Rest assured it's not boring to me at all because it's an important part of how I make my living. I appreciate your partnership in music and ministry.


Feel free to contact me with any questions at


Do you need this license?


Yes, you need this license to use songs unless you have a or CCLI license, in which case, you’re already covered. Thanks!


Need a paper copy?

Click to download a PDF to mail in with a check.

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