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The Epiphany 2021 Psalm Bundle

An exclusive special for friends of the Worship Design Studio

The songs

by Richard Bruxvoort Colligan:

These Lives Are Precious (Psalm 72)

Awe and Wonder (Psalm 29)

Where Can I Go (Psalm 139)

In God Alone (Psalm 62)

Whole Heart Hallelujah (Psalm 111)

Yachal (Psalm 147)

The One is Shining Forth (Psalm 50)

A $70 value for


This bundle contains these for all 7 songs:

  • original studio recording (mp3)

  • instrumental track (mp3)

  • lead sheet-- melody, lyrics, chords (pdf)

  • congregational melody line (jpg)


Piano score bundle

  • Piano parts for all 7 songs (pdf)

  • Includes melody line, chords and lyrics

Happy New Year, friends. Thanks for your purchase!

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