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Ever-Present Love (Psalm 107)

A celebration song featuring ancient stories of survival.








Verse 1:

Some wandered lost in the desert,
fainting from hunger and thirst
They say God filled them with good things
when they were expecting the worst
They were expecting the worst


And they sang of an ever-present love, ever-present love
And they sang of an ever-present love, ever-present love

Verse 2:

Some suffered long years in prison,
punished for breaking God's word
They say God broke them out to give them
a new life as free as a bird
New life as free as a bird

Verse 3:

Some foolish ones made themselves sick
Cried out with a pitiful sound
They say God reached out and healed them
and turned their lives around
Turned their lives around

Verse 4:

Some went to sea and lost courage,
facing the swell of the foam
They say God made the storms whisper
and led those sailors home
Led those sailors home

Verse 5:

From lands east, west and northward
Some from the sea to the south
They say God gathered the helpless,
did wonders for them all
Wonders for them all

Words and music by Richard Bruxvoort Colligan

©2023 (ASCAP) All rights reserved.

Please use only with permission.

Licensed via CCLI, and


Ever-Present Love 


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Ever-Present Love Charts:

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