God is Holding Your Life (Psalm 121)


God is Holding Your Life 


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God is Holding Your Life 

Accompaniment Pack

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Verse 1
Lift up your eyes, behold the hills 
     From where will help and rescue come? 
We call on One who made the earth 
     Who blessed the stars, the moon and sun


God is holding your life 
God is holding your life 
God is holding your life 
We believe


Verse 2
Turn down your gaze upon the earth 
     Where is the One who never sleeps 
We call on One who guards you now 
     Your spirit safe in holy keep


Verse 3
Venturing out or coming home 
     ‘Neath heat of day or cool of night 
We call on One who hears your voice 
     And comes to heal and keep your life





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God is Holding Your Life is on the "Sharing the Road" album.

Album songbook available here.



God is Holding Your Life Charts:

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  • ​lead sheet

  • guitar/bass chart

  • jpg of congregational line

  • songleader's notes

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