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Justice is on its Way (Psalm 94)

The psalmist yearns for justice to be done.





Verse 1: 
How long will the terrorists win, 
     crushing our world, wielding fear? Oh 
How long will the tormentors stomp, 
     laughing out loud so all can hear? Oh 

Refrain 1: 
Justice is on its way. Justice is on its way 
They think we're deaf and blind and have nothing to say but 
Justice is on its way 

How long til their evil recoils, 
     wiping them out with their own hate? Oh 
Love will win, and the terror will fail, 
     sickness all gone, peace wins the day. Oh 

Refrain 1 

Refrain 2: 
Justice is on its way. Justice is on its way 
We make this work our prayer 'til the day peace prevails 
Yes, Justice is on its way



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Justice is on its Way Charts:

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Justice is on its Way


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