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Let Our Hearts Rejoice Charts:

  • piano score

  • ​lead sheet

  • guitar/bass chart

  • 2 jpgs of congregational line

  • songleader's notes

Let Our Hearts Rejoice


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Let Our Hearts Rejoice Accompaniment Pack:

  • all charts above


  • powerpoint lyric slides

  • original mp3 recording

  • 2 mp3 instrumental accompaniment tracks

Let Our Hearts Rejoice

Psalm 105

Celebrating the search





Let our hearts rejoice as we seek, as we seek (Hallelujah)
Let our hearts rejoice as we seek, as we seek (Hallelujah)

Verse 1:
Oh, give thanks to our covenant Go
Call on the sacred name
Recount to the world all that God has done

Verse 2:
Oh sing praise to our covenant God
Revel in the sacred name
We search for the Living One with every breath

Verse 3:
Oh, remember the miracles
Holy words of justice clear
Remember, you seeds of Abraham and Jacob.

Verse 4:
Hear! This God is our covenant God
Justice ripples through the earth
'Twas God's word to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Verse 5:
Now this pact is with Israel
Generations deep and wide
The promise of God for love and for a homeland


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Let Our Hearts Rejoice

Accompaniment Pack


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