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Sing it with your circle

Like a Tree is on the "Trust" album.

Purchase it at, Bandcamp or iTunes.

Album songbook available.



Like a Tree Charts:

  • piano score

  • ​lead sheet

  • guitar/bass chart

  • jpg of congregational line

  • songleader's notes


                                        Like a Tree Charts


Like a Tree Accompaniment Pack:

  • all charts above


  • powerpoint & keynote lyric slides

  • original mp3 recording

  • mp3 instrumental accompaniment track


                                        Like a Tree Accompaniment Pack


Like a tree by the flowing water,

     growing deeper, stretching high

Like a tree by the flowing water,

     connected to the source of life


Blessed, blessed are we to abide in God’s Word,

Nourished through every season; blessed are we.


Planted, planted by grace, we are rooted in God’s design

Freely, freely abiding, planted by grace


Trusting, trusting our lives to the holy way of God,

We will, we will surrender, trusting our lives.




Words and music by Richard Bruxvoort Colligan

©2006 (ASCAP)

All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Licensed via, CCLI and
















Like a Tree

Psalm 1

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