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My God, O My God (Psalm 22)









My God, O my God

   Why have You forgotten me?

My God, O my God

   How can You be silent now?



The dogs are closing in

   My mouth is dry

Where is God in my despair

   So far from my cries



Our ancestors put their trust in you

   And you delivered them

I’ve been yours since I was a baby-- no

   even before I was born, even before then



I am poured out like water

   My heart is melting

Please do not be distant from me, O God,

   my strength

   Do you hear me call for your help?



I will declare your name

   The poor will eat and for once be satisfied

Those who seek the Holy One

   Shall lift their praises, lift their praises high


My soul will live for God

   And everyone will stand in awe of God’s love

My children’s children and their children

   will be in God’s heart

   They will proclaim God’s saving love

proclaim God’s saving love

    proclaim God’s saving love

    proclaim God’s saving love

    proclaim God’s saving love…



©2007 Augsburg Fortress Publishing






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