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Not Even One (Psalm 14/53)

 A rant of a lament you probably don't want to sing in church. No, really.








No one cares, fools run amok. 
Makes me sick-- they're all corrupt. 
Nothin' new under the sun. 
No one is good, not even one. 

God looks down and tries to find 
just one soul that isn't vile. 
Case is closed, they're all just bums. 
No one is good, not even one. 

Are they so witless, those cursed thugs, 
to act so full of hate and not think of God. 
It scares me senseless-- I shake my head-- 
to watch them kill my people like they're eatin' bread.

People's hearts they've all gone bad, 
Lost the sense they ever had. 
Trust a fool and see what comes. 
No one is good, not even one.

This just in: the world's a pit. 
The well is tainted, the air is thick. 
Sick and tired of singin' this song. 
No one is good, not even one. 

Am I so bitter, I'd waste my breath 
Complaining 'bout the world of the living dead. 
O Lord, have mercy, I just can't wait 
for when the justice comes to banish all this hate.

Holy One! I count the days 
'til we are whole and celebrate 
We'll sing for joy, each one of us-- 
no one left out.
Not even one.


Words and music by Richard Bruxvoort Colligan

©2019 (ASCAP) All rights reserved. Please use with permission.

Licensed via, CCLI and



Not Even One Charts:

  • piano score

  • ​lead sheet


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