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Psalm 36 celebrates God's covenant love and invites the world to participate.

Everyone Come (Psalm 36)

A happy gathering song












Verse 1: 
Everyone come! 
You are meant to rest in this perfect love 
Everyone come! 
Every bird can nest in this perfect love. 

Everyone come to the fountain of life!  
Drink from the river of delight! 

Verse 2: 
Everyone come! 
You are free to drink of delicious love. 
Everyone come! 
Taste and see and think of delicious love. 


Verse 3: 
Everyone come! 
We together feast in the light of love. 
Everyone come! 
We forever see in the light of love. 


Verse 4: 
Everyone come!  
We're below a sky of relentless love. 
Everyone come! 
We are on the ground of relentless love. 



Words and music by Richard Bruxvoort Colligan

©2018 (ASCAP) All rights reserved.

Please use with permission.

Licensed via CCLI, and







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Everyone Come Charts:

  • piano score

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  • jpg of congregational line (2 versions)

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