The Psalm Brief series is made by Richard Bruxvoort Colligan, curator of 

You're a worship leader who cares deeply about your people.

Justice is love turned up a notch.

My shepherd refreshes my whole life

and guides me to walk pathways of justice

in the shepherd's name.

-Psalm 23.3

There are groups of people more vulnerable than others.

We know this but rarely allow 
ourselves to go there for the heartbreak.

Is it possible we are called to enact justice, compassion and mercy for the most vulnerable among us? (Um. That would be a yes).

Here's a 30-minute call-in class on how the psalms lead the way:

  • exploring three juicy psalms around justice, including one that will surprise you

  • making justice a Thing in worship

  • links to congregational songs to use

  • stick around after the call for optional discussion if you desire

It's for FREE or TIP.

Preachers, teachers, liturgists, musicians, spiritual directors  and lovers of worship all welcome.


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This call-in class is for FREE or TIP.



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