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These Lives Are Precious (Psalm 72)

Protesting white supremacy, wherever it is found.






Verse 1:
You’re the goodness raining on the farmland
You're peace sprouting in the mountain fields
You're a harvest of the love and justice
ripening to feed and heal Bb

These lives are precious
These lives are precious, you know
These lives are precious
Oh, These lives are precious, you know

Verse 2:
Help the one who's neck is being stepped on
Knock down the oppressor It's your vow
Help the one who's helpless in the moment
Do the act of justice now       Refrain

Verse 2:
Push against the hatred they have taught us
Away with the systematic fear
Help the one who's neck is being stepped on
Shower rain upon the fields       Refrain



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These Lives Are Precious


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