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Celebrate the One to whom we all belong,

the One Who does great marvels everyday 

Celebrate the memories of faithful help

that make the future full of hope and faith This love


This love is forever, this love

This love is forever, this love

This love is forever, this love 


Celebrate the one creative source of life

who paints and sings and dances with us all

Celebrate the universal artist's work-

the sky, the earth, the sun, the moon & stars This love


Celebrate the One who claimed a land for us,

who led us to a place to call our own

Celebrate provision for our every need,

who always welcomes each of us back home This love


Celebrate the One who rescued Israel

who long ago led people through the sea

Celebrate the journey of deliverance

through wilderness and danger to be free This love




Words and music by Richard Bruxvoort Colligan

©2016 (ASCAP)

All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Licensed via, CCLI and

Sing it with your circle

This Love is Forever is on the "Trust" album.

Album songbook available here.



This Love is Forever Charts:

  • piano score

  • ​lead sheet

  • guitar/bass chart

  • jpg of congregational line

  • songleader's notes


                                        This Love is Forever Charts


This Love is Forever

Accomp Pack


This Love is Forever (Psalm 136)

This Love is Forever Accompaniment Pack:

  • all charts above


  • powerpoint lyric slides

  • original recording

  • 2 instrumental accompaniment tracks

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