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Topic: Compassion


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Love Stands With

Psalm 109

Love stands with the one in need / Love stands with

Always hopes, always believes / Love stands with


1. Angry mob at high noon, / her accusers throw her down, stones in hand...

2. Testimonial lies / framed the innocent man who hung his head...


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Be a Blessing

Psalm 72

Be a blessing like rain showers the earth


1. With fierce compassion, defend the poor  / Hear the cries of the troubled

With firm conviction, open the doors / Lead the way to peace through the rubble


2. With lovingkindness, notice the hurt...

3. We stand together to send you out...


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In the One Big Heart

Psalm 117

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My Love is My Shepherd

Psalm 23

1. My Love is my shepherd; I need nothing more for she leads me into her lush pastures of green and beside her still waters / My life is renewed today / Guiding me in the best paths of her way, though I walk through the valley of darkness and fear, my Love is with me.


2. Anointed and bless’d with abundance, I thrive...


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Love and Justice

Psalm 101

1. Two feet walking, love and justice, rugged journey. / Inside, outside, full attention, circle sweeping


Love and justice, Love and justice


2. Two arms open, love and justice, to creation / Forests, mountains, every ocean, every nation

3. Two perspectives, love and justice, come together / Moonrise, sunset, single kingdom, earth and heaven

4. Two hands holding, love and justice, world is learning / Elders smiling, babies nursing, spirit burning.


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