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Tremble (Psalm 114)

The psalmist sings the awe-inspiring story of the Exodus.





Verse 1: 
We sing of awe We passed through water; we were kept whole 
We sing of trust We crossed the Jordan to meet our home 
We sing of life The desert spring flowed from solid rock 
We sing of hope The mountains danced for the God of Jacob 

Tremble Tremble Tremble 

Verse 2: 
We sing of awe We are the story of all the earth 
We sing of trust The promised cycle of death and birth 
We sing of life The planet moving in faithful course 
We sing of hope in evolution pulsing with our one source 

Refrain x 2 

Verse 3: 

We sing of awe This is the moment we feel the change 
We sing of trust This is the moment nothing the same 
We sing of life that shakes the planet in joy and fear 
We sing of hope to feel the presence, all of us together 

Refrain x 2



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