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Your Good, Strong Hands (Ps 31)

A song of trust amid tough times.                                                        


I put my life in your hands Your good, strong hands
You've got us all in your hands Your good, strong hands
Your good, strong hands

Verse 1:

I run to you to hide Don't let me down
I'm counting on you now
Lean down and pick me up Be a cliff I can hide beneath
Be a castle to which I can retreat.

Verse 2:

My castle and my cliff Keeping me now
Lead me in your renown
Lean down and rescue me Break me out of this trap I'm in
Be my strength on which I can depend

Verse 2:

My future's in your hands You're never late
Please save me from this hate
Shine down your face on me Your loving will never end
You have helped me oh time and time again.

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Your Good, Strong Hands Charts

  • piano score

  • ​lead sheet

  • guitar/bass chart

  • 2 jpgs of congregational lines

  • songleader's notes

Your Good, Strong Hands


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Your Good, Strong Hands

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